: 관리자 : Tue, 12 December 2023, 1:48 PM

WSCE 2023 Post Show Report

This is the World Smart City Expo Secretariat 2023.

We sincerely appreciate your warm support and interest in World Smart City Expo 2023.
You can confirm the results of the event in the attached file of this email.

The World Smart City Expo 2024 is scheduled to take place from 3rd September(Wed.) to 5th September(Fri.). We kindly ask you to actively consider the results and incorporate them into your future business plans.

* WSCE official homepage : www.worldsmartcityexpo.com 
* WSCE 2023 photos : https://wsce.micehub-gov.com/fairBbs.do?FAIRMENU_IDX=7666&BBS_IDX=1557&hl=ENG

We wish you a warm year-end.

-WSCE 2023 Secretariat - 

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