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[Press] Korea Smart Cities Daily News Clipping - May.4

○LG Uplus works on 5G-connected smart system to ease container bottleneck in port

 South Korea's mobile carrier LG Uplus will set up a 5G-connected smart port system that will accelerate the digital transformation of Busan Port. The mobile carrier will add remote control features for container cranes to allow operators to monitor and examine open-air storage yards from different angles using cameras and stack containers efficiently with minimized idle spaces.

A container crane, also known as a container handling gantry crane, is a gargantuan structure that hulks over docks. It picks up and carries containers from a ship to a storage yard and vice versa. A crane normally has a cockpit on top so that an operator can maneuver it while looking through windshields placed at the sides and the bottom of the small cubicle. Because of the limited viewing angle, it is hard for a crane operator to stack more than three containers. 

*Source : Aju Business Daily (05/03/21)

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